What is a Ship Chandler?

What is a Ship Chandler

In simple terms, a ship chandler is a person, group, or company that supplies required commodities for shipping vessels and its crew. They act like the grocery supermarket, which supplies all required foods for a household.  The ship chandler serves and supplies all the necessities and requirements a ship may need when in port.

This line of work serves a very specific and unique market or line of business. This helps ship chandler companies to be specific and personalized to their client’s needs and expectations. We are a specialized service in the Maritime industry. Because of these conditions, there is an environment where complete exclusivity can exist for both parties. Exclusivity conditions can be very beneficial for both seller and client because of many reasons that I will lay out:

·  By approaching or making direct contact with the Ship Chandler; the client can save a lot of money by eliminating the middlemen in the business transactions and thus saving money that can be put to better use.

·  If there is an exclusivity between both parties it could also mean a big traffic for the Ship Chandler, which will allow them to have more competitive prices because of economies of scale. By reaching scale Ship Chandlers can offer better deals meaning less cost for the Shipping Vessels.

·  In terms of efficiency it is also beneficial because it allows better communication and coordination between the Ship Chandlers and de Vessels. Knowing ahead when the Vessel’s calendar could mean a more efficient operation for the Suppliers.

·  Allows the Ship Chandlers to offer better credit as the relationship builds stronger.

Origin of Ship Chandelling Services

This service is no new concept; such services come a way back. Back when boats went for long journeys and had needs for certain foods and commodities. Those services were necessary in order to keep the boat sailing for long periods of time.

Of course in those beginning times Ship Chandlers where only required for things such as clothes, ropes and other items for the survival of the crew.

As the years passed and new technologies came to surface; the Ship Chandler business began to take a new shape.  In the past 2 decades or so; this business reached a peak.

Importance of Ship Chandelling

Nowadays this business has become a key element in all ports and shipping industry businesses. The role Ship Chandlers play is of most importance because it serves a very productive sector. Ship Chandlers supply much more things than ropes these days. The services extend to requirements such as essential commodities, maintenance tools, food supplies, gas refills, cleaning equipment and many other items that are essential for the survival of the vessel in its long and hard journey.

So anyone can go and sell commodities to docked Shipping Vessels in the port?

The answer is No.

The Government and the Shipping Corporation provide the license to the eligible chandlers to give the services to the incoming Vessels and crews.  Ship Chandlers do a job that is important for the government as well.

It is simply good business to have a high flow of traffic in your ports. Therefore Ship Chandlers play a role in which they must fulfill and reach the highest standards in order to provide their services in the name of the country as well. That is why the government and the Shipping supply grant licenses, because not everyone can keep the standard.

·   Ship chandlers supply all the necessary commodities (like food, oil, lubricants, spare parts, etc.) to the vessel before they need to use it.

·   Ship chandlers are there in order to fulfill not only your basic needs, but also the most random requirements the ship or the crews need.

·   Along with supplying commodities ship chandlers are also expected to provide certain services like repair and maintenance services, cleaning arrangements, gas refill, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.

Probucam has kept the standards for over 40 years; we are experts and specialized in what we do. We have all the permits and we are members of ISSA and Ship Serv. We are ready to serve your requirements with the most capable team,  best infrastructure and best know-how of the market.

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