What does #1 ship chandlers do?

Qué hace un proveedor de barcos #1?-What does #1 ship chandlers do?

Ship Chandlers belong to a very important sector. The maritime business is one of the pillars in our economy. Since the time when boats sailed looking for new land the maritime industry has brought a lot of wealth and deals to those cities blessed with a port. As times evolved, so did the maritime industry. Exports and imports became so fundamental that a lot of companies were formed in order to establish a profitable supply chain.

In order for this industry to work, most jobs in the maritime business require 24/7 operations. Ship Chandlers are no exception to the rule. Their process begins with an inquiry for quotations received by the incoming vessels, which are received directly from the vessels’ master or captain. Then if and when the quotation is accepted, a purchase order is received and the ship chandlers begin to work on finding every item that was ordered in order to deliver it to the vessel at the docks.

Ship Chandlers often offer a variety of services that can be divided or classified in the following groups.  Food delivery, accommodation goods, medical supply, lubricants, canned goods, cleaning products, among others. Some even offer cleaning services such as garbage removal.

Can anyone become a Ship Chandler?

In order to become a ship chandler one has to develop many skills, however is not only skill that you need in order to operate as a ship chandler. To be able to perform this particular role a ship chandler must have a team conformed by professionals who know international and local markets. This team has to be specialized in logistics and customs clearance as well as having all the licenses that are required to operate in the port. Companies in this business may also have departments in order to optimize their purchases, sales and I.T.

Port authorities and shipping associations grant these licenses in order to assure an efficient business making while the vessel is in docks.  Because of the short period of time these vessels stay, they must count on a reliable supplier. Ship Chandler’s mission is to deliver the requirements in time at the right place, which is why they need to be financially reliable as well.

Associations such as ISSA, Ship Serv and IMPA are a confirmation for vessels because in order to be enlisted in there you must fulfill certain mandatory requirements. Such requirements help the environment of the business to be safe and secure. Certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, and OHSAS 18001 are the regulators that companies need to have if they want to be a part of the ship chandler industry.

What should ship chandlers invest in?

There are many different elements that a company must integrate in order to be a successful and reliable ship chandler. For instance, ship chandlers needs to keep a good relationship with vendors and manufacturers in order to fulfill requirements at a good competitive price.  In order to deliver the service in time, inventory management has to be kept alongside having the infrastructure.

Your infrastructure should also be equipped with cold chambers in order to preserve food quality, and an appropriate fleet of trucks in order to keep up with the high demand and tight schedules.  In order for all this to run smoothly, there has to be good coordination so a good logistic department is fundamental as well for operating.

Controls are fundamental in any operation you want to do in the port. Because of safety protocols a lot of documentation must be issued and cleared by local authorities before goofs can be delivered on board.  There exists several different type of documents a ship chandler may require like for example:

·   Quality Certificates

·   Quantity Certificates

·   Test Certificates

·   Pro-forma Invoice

·   Packing List

·   Bill of Lading

·   Export Declaration

·   Tax Invoice

·   Service report

Probucam is a proud member of ISSA because of our hard work and dedication. For over 40 years Probucam has operated in Ecuadorian ports with the highest standards. Delivering quality supplies always on time and with a customized service. We know we are in a 24/7 service, which is why we are available at any time. Communication is key for our success.

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