Warehouse and Infrastructure

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The maritime industry requires a lot of components in order to work. Warehouse and infrastructure are necessary for many reasons. Ship Chandlers are companies in charge of providing services for vessels such as fresh provision distribution, engine store services, garbage and waste removal among a lot others.

In order to perform a well structured and efficient service warehouse and infrastructure are both key components. Having a warehouse and infrastructure helps ship chandlers offer a better service because it shows how serious the provider is. In terms of storing, ship chandlers have the advantage of managing their inventory in a better manner. This represents a capacity of storing products and having them right in their warehouses. This translates to effectiveness in time management resulting in offering an in time delivery.

Time is money; therefore ship chandlers know that having stock on your items will save them and their clients some time. Every hour spent in the docks count, which is why a well-organized ship chandler anticipates their requests from vessels by stocking and storing those products that are more often requested.

In terms of economies of scale, having a warehouse and infrastructure is also necessary. This way ship chandlers can purchase products at a better price because of their storing capacity. To buy in bulk helps them lower their costs, so they can offer the best prices in the market.

Fresh Products and inventory

Inventory management is a very important part of a vessel supplier because this way you have a rigorous control over your products. Fresh provisions for instance have fluctuating prices over the year. Knowing this, Ship Chandlers can negotiate prices with producers in order to buy sufficient amounts so they can have a much more competitive price.

Handling fresh products requires not only buying and storing, but also a warehouse and infrastructure that allows you to store them in optimal conditions. The best ship chandlers count with installation such as chilling and freezer chambers in order to store their products that require it.

Having such installations in your warehouse and infrastructure will allow hip chandlers to offer fresh products of high quality. Food is the most important product because we all need to eat and delivering them in optimal conditions is what a serious supplier should do. Therefore, having the right equipment is crucial.

In order to perform this service it is required more than a big warehouse and infrastructure, it also requires a good transportation method. Refrigerated trucks are useful that way. To keep the truck in a cool environment is key in order to deliver fresh products of high quality. Some ship chandlers may use a third party provider in order to deliver these products. However, that would mean an increment in their operation cost. Others will not use them at all and that could jeopardize the quality of the products being delivered.

Counting with a fleet of refrigerated trucks in your warehouse and infrastructure is the best way to operate. Having them will help ship chandlers reduce cost of operation and also will allow them to perform their deliveries with the best outcome possible, a better price and a better quality for your products.


The location of the provider’s warehouse and infrastructure is also another key element in the ship chandelling industry. As it was already mentioned time is money, therefore being located near the port is the most recommended place for having your installments.

Running your operations near the local port will translate in time efficiency, in every business saving time is very important especially in the maritime industry. The maritime industry often operates in scheduled timing in order to complete their routes in the established time. Therefore counting with a ship chandler that is near the port is just simply good business.

The importance of warehouse and infrastructure in this type of company is clear, that is why you should always associate with ship chandlers that fulfill all these requirements. Having all these elements will result in a time efficient and quality service for your vessel and your journey.

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