In Probucam we know how important it is for you to get the highest quality and freshness of its provisions.

Our Fresh Provision Selection

A wide variety of products to satisfy the tastes and needs of all crews.


They give you better taste, smell and color. A greater presence of vitamins and minerals in the case of organic, less exposure to chemicals.

We are experts in giving our clients the best selection of national and international brands products. Probucam is characterized by having the best range of products because we understand the demands of our clients and we have an expert staff with the most experience.

Probucam counts with several different services for our clients. Our core business relies on food supply. We know the maritime world never sleeps; Probucam is available 24/7 ready to serve your requirements with the best quality products in order to meet your budget.

We have a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen products, meats with the best cuts, seafood, dairy, grain, canned and many more. We have the highest standards of facilities including freezing and chilling chambers, all of which are supported by a fleet of refrigerated vehicles capable of delivering provisions in optimal conditions to vessels, shrimp farm, cruise lines etc.

Food is the fuel for every human being, which is why we take our job very seriously. Our compromise is to deliver products that are fresh for the crew so they don’t have to worry and keep doing their jobs. We know we also represent our country; so we try and have a work ethic that upholds the name of Ecuador.

Our team is ready to serve you. In Probucam we have been doing this for many decades and we are the best at it. Our long trajectory has made it possible for us to maintain lasting relationships with our suppliers. Our existing commercial relationships throughout the years make us a reliable company to work with. Because of the confidence Probucam gives their suppliers we have competitive prices to offer our costumers. Our prices are the best you can get because of this.

Our warehouse and team are structured in a way that we anticipate our requests, so we always have everything available in case it is required. We have the space to store fresh products in the temperature they need to be so the quality won’t be jeopardized.

We have been doing this for so long that we’ve prepared ourselves so we can serve you in the best way possible. Our team has integrated it to our operations systems in which we can manage our inventory in an optimal way. By doing this we assure our team that everything we may need in order to fulfill a costumer’s requests will be found in storage.

By having storage capacity we can be competitive in prices as well. Fruits and vegetables’ prices always tend to fluctuate along the year. Their prices are variable depending on the season, the harvest, the producer etc. Because of the storage capacity Probucam has, we are able to buy products at convenient prices when the demand is low or when the offer is too high. By doing this we have a better margin meaning we can offer more standardized prices for our client base.

We have accomplished this by working long hours; we know we are in a 24/7 industry. That is why as a company we have done everything possible to stay in touch with tendencies and tools in order to make ourselves better everyday. We are a company that has persisted overtime and it is because we are capable of adapting. We welcome new staff and new tendencies and adopt them in our culture so we can serve our clients in the way they deserve.

Not only does Probucam invest in technology and tools, but also in their human talent. Our staff receives capacitation in order to be their better selves. In Probucam we believe in growth and that we can be a bit better everyday.