Industrial gases

Probucam knows that the reliability and security of the gas supply is crucial to the operations of its customers.

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Easy-to-use refrigerant gases, which do not damage the Ozone layer.


We understand the importance that you receive the correct types of gases and of the best quality because we know that an emergency may arise on the high seas and if you do not have the right product; your operations could be seriously affected. This high quality of the Gases that we provide guarantees more functioning time generating greater productivity and optimizing the repairs to your vessel. We are proud to offer a full range of refrigerated gases, all of which are safe and suitable alternatives to their dangerous counterparts.   Such as Freon R22  R417a, R134a, R410, R407c. In addition, we offer refilling services for oxygen and acetylene bottles. We can refill your bottles or exchange with the vessel’s own bottles. In such a way that we make the process much simpler and faster. We also have a high selection of industrial gases such as carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, argon.

We have 100% trained staff with the best practices of how to handle gas for its correct transportation, guaranteeing the safety of workers at all times. Probucam is a company with the highest safety standards and a high commitment to create the best conditions when supplying any type of industrial gases.


With more than 38 years of experience we have a positive record of Non- accident because we take it very seriously and professionally when it comes to meeting the requirements of our clients.

We understand that maritime transport is one of the most used methods for the transportation of merchandise used for trade between nations. Transporting both people and cargo from one point to another. Developing commercial relationships between the countries. In the same way Probucam S.A contributes every day to improve these relations and thus contribute to the growth of the economy of our country

We’ve been able to maintain lasting relationships with our suppliers because of our long trajectory. We were established in the 1980’s, and have been working in the industry ever since.

We are a family-owned and operated business that has been in the area for over 4 decades. We offer a wide variety of products at competitive prices, and our friendly staff is always ready to help!  Our selection of products includes everything you need for your vessel or your seaman’s.

We know how important it is that your boat can count on industrial gases that are used in different applications, thus keeping the boat in the best conditions, developing excellent performance. For which we attend to your requirement with a great commitment.

Our staff is constantly being supervised to carry out the handling and transportation of the gas cylinders under the related safety regulations. We have a fleet of trucks that complies with the regulatory standards related to the safe transportation of flammable gases.



  1. Due to its wide range of flammability, Acetylene is a gas that must be treated with special care. For this reason, in the production, transport and handling stages, the gas must be avoided in free form, at a maximum working pressure recommended by one of the CGA standards, which is 14.5 psi.
  2. Acetylene cylinders must always be transported upright with their lid and stored in the same way to prevent acetone from spilling when the valve is opened.
  3. Use the cylinder only until pressure reads 29 psi (2 bar).
  4. Operate valves gently to avoid localized heating.
  5. The places where Acetylene is worked must have adequate ventilation.
  6. The cylinders should be stored at a prudent distance from the oxygen cylinders (at least 6 meters). In case of limited space, a fire wall is recommended between the storage places for both gases.
  7. If a cylinder is heated internally (detectable by peeling paint), the area must be evacuated and wet with water until cool (the water will stop evaporating at this point), wait two hours and re-wet.