Our Engine Store Selection

In Probucam we value your safety. We provide engine store products and spare parts in case there is any inconvenience with your ship.

We have been in the marine industry for 4 decades  and have the experience and knowledge to take care of all of your ship’s needs. We know that any set back can happen overseas, that is why we also have access to a full range of engine-store and all ship chandlery lines, all available at a competitive price. In addition, we have a team of specialists in the field of marine engineering and offer competitive quotes on a range of services. We have alliances that keep us aware of any product innovation so we can stay on top of the technology.

Keeping your vessel in top condition No matter where your vessel is in the world, we can provide you with parts and spares. We are an agent for the ship owning and operating world. We have a long, proud history in the marine and shipping industry.

 We know that any set back can happen overseas, that is why we also have access to a full range of engine-store and all ship chandlery lines, all available at a competitive price. Our variety of products includes items from the IMPA catalogue.

 We have a wide variety of articles of excellent quality and durability such as Hand Tools, Cutting Tools, Measuring tools, Couplings Hoses, Lubricants, Anti-Corosion, Cleaning chemical, Power Tools, Steel, Fasteners Pipe, Valves, Bearing, screw, rags, Cutting Tools, materials for Welding.

Our team is ready to serve you. In Probucam we have been doing this for many decades and we are the best at it. Our long trajectory has made it possible for us to maintain lasting relationships with our suppliers. Our existing commercial relationships throughout the years make us a reliable company to work with. Because of the confidence Probucam gives their suppliers we have competitive prices to offer our clients. Our prices are the best you can get because of this.


Throughout the time Probucam has been doing this we have worked with Vessels from all over the world. That is why our team is expert in handling special requests, we have been asked to deliver all sorts of things. We go all the way to try and find them in our local market.  Since we’ve been around for more than 4 decades, we have identified all the best suppliers of every engine store part a vessel might require.  

 Our professionals are also capable of identifying engine parts and know some of the mechanics. This is because in Probucam we believe in growth and capacitation; that is why our crew is constantly attending seminars in order to become better professionals. We do all this because we are sure that preparing your team is fundamental in order to give the best service and experience for our customers that visit our beautiful local ports.

Our team is in constant contact with our suppliers so in any case a vessel requires a spare part, we can get it as quickly as possible. Our communication channels also support this of course. Probucam is available 24/7 the 365 days of the year because we know how demanding our industry is. We can be contacted through many different ways. We have developed a web page where you can send your request and our team will be eager to respond to you and get what you need.

 Probucam has a fleet of trucks and cars with all the permits ready to go to the port, so we can attend to your request as fast as we can. We know your time is valuable, so we have a logistics department in charge of making the most efficient routes so we can always be on time.