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Russia and Ukraine: Impact on Foreign trade

ev Mz6vYiI8CSA unsplash

In 2020, Ukranians imported $54bn worth of merchandise and traded $49bn. The Russian attack won’t just influence Ukraine’s exchange streams yet in addition worldwide streams as authorizations are put on Russia. In 2020, numerous economies all over the planet contracted because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and countless macroeconomic elements showed sharp decays. To be sure, […]

Where is supply chain management heading?

mika baumeister O8WGTXz06WE unsplash

Supply chain management is a key role in the industry, where you have to take several aspects in consideration. A supply chain is a connected arrangement of associations, exercises, data and assets intended to source, produce and move merchandise from start to a last objective normally from a provider to an end client. Present day […]

Supply Chain challenges after Covid19

branimir balogovic fAiQRv7FgE0 unsplash

The maritime industry usually works 24/7 365 days a year; Covid 19 exposed the maritime industry supply chain. Due to the virus situation many shipments and cargo had to stop because of many reasons such as country restrictions and fear over the virus in general. The supply chain industry suffered a huge impact resulting in […]

Smart Ports: the ports of today

bernd dittrich Z HBjM62f6M unsplash

Smart ports are the incoming tendencies in the maritime industry and are getting a lot of attention. Seaports nowadays represent the most important logistics center around the globe because over 80% of overall cargo is moved utilizing this method according to the World Trade Organization (WTO). Port administrations in Guayaquil, a customary city at the […]

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