In Probucam we have availabe a wide range of cabin store products. Send us yoir request and you will find out oir incredible offer

Our Cabin / DESK Store Selection

We help you get products you may need along your journey.

When it comes to General Bridge Equipment or Deck Equipment, we have the best selection for you. We’re known for our knowledgeable staff at the most economical prices on the market with the best quality. You can also count on us to have the latest technology available.

We offer a wide selection of high-quality Whether you need a brush, mats, cloth, linen products, clothing equipment , cutting tools, Electrical equipment, general deck equipment, hardware, lavatory equipment, measuring tools, medicines, navigation equipment, packing, jointing, painting equipment, petroleum products, adhesives, pneumatic, electrical Tools, ropes, hawsers, welding equipment, Work Tools hygienic cleaning, cleaning supplies, laundry equipment, bathroom equipment, standard cleaning products, electronics and computer components, furnitures, bedding equipment, towels and much more.

 In Procucam we want to assist you anyway we can. That is why we also have the service of providing vessels with cabin-store products We have a wide selection of amazing kitchen supplies,  food preparation equipment, chef’s knife, Paring knife,Knife sharpening, Bread knife, kitchen shears, vegetable peeler, garlic press, grater, kitchen scales, measuring jug, measuring spoons, measuring cups, mixing bowl, colander, rolling pin, can opener, Blender, serving equipment, ladle, pasta fork, pizza cutter, corkscrew, cooking equipment, skillet, Saucepans, ovenproof dish, roasting tin, baking sheet, stirring spoon, slotted spoon, spatula, tongs, masher, balloon whisk, oven gloves, pot holders, food thermometer, storage equipment, plastic containers, plastic zipper bags, bread bin, plastic wrap, kitchen foil, baking parchment, tea towels, kitchen tool organizer.

Our long trajectory has made it possible for us to develop a system of effective quotation. We can offer you a variety of brands, from the most basic to the most revolutionary. Our goal is that you can count on us for each of your needs and that we be your main ally every time your ship touches port in our country.

We have warehouses with the largest amount of product that a vessel needs because we know that marine operations never stop and it belongs to an important area for the world economy. Our company is a cut above the rest, with competitive prices that nobody can equal and always maintaining the best quality.

We provide the best quality products at affordable prices. Our company is your one-stop shop for supplies that you need for your vessel. We carry a wide variety of products. Due to our years of experience we know which are the most important and essential products for a boat and based on that our warehouses are constantly supplied to maintain a full stock.

Our commitment is to satisfy your needs by providing a personalized service because we consider that the main engine that moves a ship is its human talent and based on that we focus our priority. We have a faithful belief that when a vessel makes a request of any kind to our company, it is because its vessel & crew has the absolute confidence that we can fulfill it in the best way.


In recent years, many companies have entered the ship supply market in Ecuador, attracted by the dynamism of the sector. This has generated high competition, which is why our company has had to diversify its operations.

We firmly believe that we are the number one company in Ecuador when it comes to supplying boats because our references and trajectory prove it. Probucam S.A today is synonymous with competence, experience, quality and reliability. You can trust us to meet your needs. We provide complete ship management solutions handled exclusively by our own experts.

In contrast to other companies, one of Probucam’s strengths is that we have a service platform seven days a week. We have large storage warehouses that allow us to have a complete stock of merchandise that gives us more agility when completing an order.