Smart Ports: the ports of today

bernd dittrich Z HBjM62f6M unsplash

Smart ports are the incoming tendencies in the maritime industry and are getting a lot of attention. Seaports nowadays represent the most important logistics center around the globe because over 80% of overall cargo is moved utilizing this method according to the World Trade Organization (WTO). Port administrations in Guayaquil, a customary city at the […]

Warehouse and Infrastructure

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The maritime industry requires a lot of components in order to work. Warehouse and infrastructure are necessary for many reasons. Ship Chandlers are companies in charge of providing services for vessels such as fresh provision distribution, engine store services, garbage and waste removal among a lot others. In order to perform a well structured and […]

Engine store service, identify a good supplier

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A good engine store service can save your ship. As it is widely known, vessels travel for weeks in order to get from one port to another one. In this lapse of time anything can happen; from a loose part to an engine malfunction. Every machine needs spare parts and maintenance in order to keep […]

Garbage Removal

Garbage Removal-Remover basura

l Importance of garbage removal in a ship Garbage removal for vessels may not seem so important in the trade industry, however it is an important task that must not be taken for granted. Cargo shipping is one of the most fundamentals industries in the world. In our modern society the import/export trades are a […]

Fresh Provisions

Provisiones frescas-Fresh Provisions

Ship Chandelling’s main service is delivering fresh provisions to ships and vessels at docks. Ship Chandlers are experts in giving clients the best selection of national and international brands products. The best ship chandlers are characterized by having the best range of products because they understand the demands of their clients. Offering the best fresh […]

What does #1 ship chandlers do?

Qué hace un proveedor de barcos #1?-What does #1 ship chandlers do?

Ship Chandlers belong to a very important sector. The maritime business is one of the pillars in our economy. Since the time when boats sailed looking for new land the maritime industry has brought a lot of wealth and deals to those cities blessed with a port. As times evolved, so did the maritime industry. Exports […]

Role of a Ship Chandler

Role of a Ship Chandler - El Rol de un proveedor de barcos

The maritime industry has many different key players. Ship Chandler is one of the core businesses in the immense supply chain. But what is the role Ship Chandlers assume in the industry?  To manage a vessel is quite hard labored and complicated. The ship itself, its crew and cargo are in constant control and checking […]

How to become a Ship Chandler

How to become a Ship Chandler

In order to become a Ship Chandler you require a different set of skills in order to provide your clients with the best outcome possible. For instance, a Ship Chandler needs to have a good understanding in different areas such as accounting, computer operations, problem solving, customer service, and organizational skills among other skills. In […]

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