Warehouse and Infrastructure

eduardo soares LtZg1g vBT4 unsplash 1

The maritime industry requires a lot of components in order to work. Warehouse and infrastructure are necessary for many reasons. Ship Chandlers are companies in charge of providing services for vessels such as fresh provision distribution, engine store services, garbage and waste removal among a lot others. In order to perform a well structured and […]

Fresh Provisions

Provisiones frescas-Fresh Provisions

Ship Chandelling’s main service is delivering fresh provisions to ships and vessels at docks. Ship Chandlers are experts in giving clients the best selection of national and international brands products. The best ship chandlers are characterized by having the best range of products because they understand the demands of their clients. Offering the best fresh […]

How to become a Ship Chandler

How to become a Ship Chandler

In order to become a Ship Chandler you require a different set of skills in order to provide your clients with the best outcome possible. For instance, a Ship Chandler needs to have a good understanding in different areas such as accounting, computer operations, problem solving, customer service, and organizational skills among other skills. In […]

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