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Our team manage your requirements in a reliable and fast way, we understand time is money so we are open 24/7. Send your inquiry and we’ll assist you shortly

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The best quality of provisions complying with the highest standards of the industry such us storage, cold chain, and refrigerated trucks. As well of variety of technical materials & spare parts.

Ship Chandlers are a fundamental party in the international commerce environment. Supplying fresh products and offering integrated services for vessels is their main business.

To manage a vessel is quite hard labor and complicated. The ship itself, its crew and cargo are in constant control and checked by owners and different Port Authorities. In order to perform at the most efficient levels, Vessels depend on an effective coordinated supply of provisions, spare parts and other products necessary for the vessel’s survival.

Why Probucam?

We have been doing this for so long that we’ve prepared ourselves so we can serve you in the best way possible. Our team has integrated it to our operations systems in which we can manage our inventory in an optimal way. By doing this we assure our team that everything we may need in order to fulfill a costumer’s requests will be found in storage. 

We are experts in giving our clients the best selection of national and international brands products. Probucam is characterized by having the best range of products because we understand the demands of our clients and we have an expert staff with the most experience.

We have strict quality control. As we manipulate fresh and frozen products we make sure we deliver the freshest food and products you can find. Our inventory management assures our stock to be in optimal conditions so we can deliver quality.

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Ship Chander What is? Probucam

What is a Ship Chandler?

In order for this industry to work, most jobs in the maritime business require 24/7 operations. Ship Chandlers are no exception to the rule. Their process begins with an inquiry for quotations received by the incoming vessels, which are received directly from the vessels’ master or captain. Then if and when the quotation is accepted, a purchase order is received and the ship chandlers begin to work on finding every item that was ordered in order to deliver it to the vessel at the docks.

To be able to perform this particular role a ship chandler must have a team conformed by professionals who know international and local markets. This team has to be specialized in logistics and customs clearance as well as having all the licenses that are required to operate in the port. Companies in this business may also have departments in order to optimize their purchases, sales and I.T.

Your best choice 

PROBUCAM should be your first port of call, strategically located to serve the ports along the Ecuadorian coast, when looking for a full-service and maritime goods company that can get the job done quickly, effectively, and at the right price.

In Probucam we go far for our clients. We provide the necessary transportation to remove sludgem bilge water upon ship master’s request, as well of garbage collection services and free water supply by barge. Probucam has all the permissions and licenses to do so as we are authorized by Port Authorities. 

Probucam is a proud member of ISSA because of our hard work and dedication. For over 40 years Probucam has operated in Ecuadorian ports with the highest standards. Delivering quality supplies always on time and with a customized service. We know we are in a 24/7 service, which is why we are available at any time. Communication is key for our success.

Your best choice Probucam

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